Tuesday, April 13, 2010

No no thank's no

Translation after the jump...

No No Thanks No
Je n'fum' qu'la marijuana
I only smoke marijuana*
No no thank's no
A quoi bon insister
What good is it to insist
No no thank's no
Ma dernière cigarette
My last cigarette
No no thank's no
Est déjà refroidie
has already cooled

No no thanks no
Je n'aime que le bourbon
I only like bourbon
No no thank's no
C'est une affair' de goût
It's a matter of taste
No no thank's no
Mon dernier verr' je l'ai vidé
My last drink I've emptied
No no thank's no
Avec Rosemary
With Rosemary

No no thanks no
Pour moi pas de prières
For me, no prayers
No no thank's no
Dieu m'a abandonné
God's abandoned me
No no thank's no
Je serai pleuré demain
I'll be cried for tomorrow*
No no thank's no
Par mes frèr's de Harlem
By my brother's from Harlem*

Lyrics by Serge Gainsbourg, Translation by Greg Smith with help from Konrad and sharabiaa


  1. "Je n'fum' qu'la marijuana" means: "I don't smoke [anything] but marihuana" or "I only smoke weed" :)

    Look here for a discussion on "ne-que" construction: http://french.about.com/od/vocabulary/a/only.htm

  2. Hi !
    I'm french and the translation is not good.

    Je n'fum' qu'la marijuana MEANS I only smoke marijuana

    Je serai pleuré demain MEANS I'll be cried tomorrow
    Par mes frères de Harlem MEANS By my brother from Harlem

    I guess the last sentence doesn't make much sense in english. It would be something like "My brother from Harlem will cry for me tomorrow"

    I hope it would help !

    Cheers ! bon courage :)

  3. Thanks, a lot! Added your corrections